“The Gospel According to Waffle House” has landed!

Wafflehouse 8“We don’t need more of the church; at least not more of the church as we have previously known it. We don’t need more straight-laced, behavior-management obsessed, bottom-line focused, boundary-drawing corporations calling themselves the Body of Christ. No, we need this thing we call church to look more like a local diner – more like a neighborhood bar – more like a Waffle House restaurant – then, people might feel welcomed at ‘church’ once again.” – Ronnie McBrayer

In “The Gospel According to Waffle House,” Ronnie McBrayer employs his years of experience as a pastor, chaplain, and syndicated columnist, to challenge people of faith to rethink how they “do church.” He proposes a modest, commonsense vision that would reshape Christian congregations into welcoming places for all people; places that would preach and practice simplicity; and places that would operate with grace and flexibility.This is essential reading for those who wish to do “simple church” in a time when Christianity is increasingly fragmented and complicated. If you have been looking for a back-to-the-basics model for your church, then the table is spread. “The Gospel According to Waffle House” is for you. It’s here, and it’s available on both e-book and in paperback!!!  It’s Ronnie’s best yet and it just may be the answer to what’s wrong with religion today!  Click on Amazon.com to get it! 

About the Author

Ronnie McBrayer was born and raised in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains, and claims he barely survived the fire-and-brimstone churches located there. Shaped by this experience, Ronnie has spent his lifetime preaching and protesting; loving and leaving; resisting and returning to faith – faith in Jesus. With this contagious trust in Christ, a schoolboy wit, and his applauded story-telling style, Ronnie invites his readers and listeners to reflect, laugh, face the unexpected, and to be changed by the grace of God. He leads A Simple Faith in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and is the author of multiple publications including “Leaving Religion, Following Jesus”; “The Jesus Tribe”; and “How Far is Heaven?”

Additionally, McBrayer’s weekly newspaper and internet column, “Keeping the Faith,” is nationally syndicated with a circulation of more than six million readers. And he can be found every Christmas Eve eating at a local Waffle House. For more information about the author, to subscribe to his weekly “Keeping the Faith” column, or if you are interested in Ronnie speaking to your group, please visit www.ronniemcbrayer.me.

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