For This, I Am Thankful

photoHello friends and Happy Thanksgiving! Cindy and I are on a much needed vacation this week (so this post has been scheduled in advance). I hope you are enjoying a marvelous holiday.

I’m thankful for so much in my life, but today, I want to thank you for reading my blabberings week after week. I don’t always know if any of this makes a difference, but occasionally, lightning strikes and a few words find a welcome home. Here is a recent note from one of my editors, received at his local newspaper office. This is from a young high school student, and I was humbled to hear her words. And, I am thankful – for her, and all of you – RM.

Thank you, Ronnie McBrayer, for writing a very moving and inspirational piece (”A conspiracy of kindness,” Times-Standard, Sept. 21, Page B1). It has given me a new perspective on the way we all act in the world.

It seems in today’s times all newspapers and magazines have political views, celebrities in a crisis, or humanity at its worst. When I came across this piece, it was refreshing to see such a serious topic on a lighter note. I especially liked how you started the piece with a fact about the Pharaoh and the ox tongue. I very much appreciated to learn a thread of history in this article than just some biased response from a journalist. The article reminded me of when we were taught as children to be kind to one another, only now as teenagers and adults, we suppress our teachings and be cruel to the person standing beside us.

I don’t generally read newspaper articles because I end up frustrated and disagree with the piece’s content or the journalist/columnist who wrote it. That being said, this article sparked a sense of hope for me; a sophomore in high school has a new North Star to look upon, hope that the “drought of kindness” will once again flow and “acts of discouragement” will be scarce or cease to exist. Thank you.

Aimee A.