BIG NEWS! The McBrayers are Expecting…

shard2…Expecting Cindy to do beautiful and artsy things in her new work with South Walton Artist of the Year, Mary Hong.

You didn’t think we were talking about a baby, did you? Have you lost your freaking mind?

Cindy will be joining Mary’s staff in opening The Shard Shop, a new “little artsy boutique offering classes in ShardART, selling glass and resin supplies and tools, and providing studio time for restless creative souls. This will be a place to make art with your friends or plan a party, hold team building sessions, raise money for your charity (by making a piece of art to raffle or auction), or just solo creative time.”

As many of you know, Cindy operated her own shop similar to this when we lived in Georgia, and Mary has given her a wonderful opportunity to return to the work she loves. For more about The Shard Shop and artist Mary Hong, follow this link.

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