It’s A Christmas Miracle!


I’m happy to announce the publication of my tenth book: May The Road Rise To Meet You: Daily Thoughts On Life And Faith. It is available for order here.

From The Preface: “Too much of Christianity is based on anxiety and fear. Thus, it can become an exercise in shaming people, a cruelty, rather than liberating and showing people the infinite love God has for them. As simply as I can say it, I believe that genuine faith leads to love, not fear; to ultimate freedom, not spiritual enslavement. That is the spirit in which I offer these “daily thoughts on life and faith.”

A few more observations are in order as you begin: First, you will find no footnotes or references in the text. This is not for the purpose of infringing upon the work of others, as customarily I eagerly site my sources. This is to keep the content as focused as possible.

Second, each daily “devotional” is intentionally simple. While topics are varied, ranging far and wide, each reading can be completed in only a few short minutes.

Finally, I write, not to impose my thoughts on you, but to awaken something already burning within your heart, a spark you know to be true: “Where God’s love is, there is no fear, because God’s perfect love drives it away.”

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