If You Have An Addict In Your Life…

prodigal…this audio file is for you.

Truth is, we are all addicts in that we are delusional about of sense of control. To quote Bill Wilson, we all have to “give up playing God.” In my ongoing series on Jesus’ story of Prodigal Son, this talk places the Prodigal and Father in a “recovery” context. If you or someone you love is journeying toward sobriety, I hope you will listen and be helped along the way. Find the audio here, or at my Audio Page.

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  1. I discovered your ministry in the Saturday issue of the Detroit Free Press. I enjoy reading your weekly column and as a result, I’ve subscribed to your email posts. All of them are enlightening and your stories make them very relatable (if that’s even a word). The audio for “If you have an addict” was very moving. There have been several addicts in my family and I have found myself to be an enabler until I realized my life had become unmanageable. Your “addict” story was a comfort and will remain with me. Thank you for your insight and joyful ministry.


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