White – Christian – America

us-flag-crossSo much buzz about evangelicals, politics, and the changing face of America. Here is an excerpt from an essay I wrote in 2005. Eleven years later, it is even more applicable:

“White Christians, who have been the majority, now feel like their industry has been ‘deregulated,’ and there are these intruders who are taking over the ‘market.’ We feel the world isn’t playing by our ‘rules.’ That’s the point: In the world that is coming – that is now here – we will no longer be the ones making the rules. We can no longer demand or expected to be heard in the marketplace of ideas. The church must now prove it has a message worth hearing. This is particularly true for the ‘white, protestant’ church: Because by 2050, only about 1/5 of the world’s Christians will be non-Hispanic Whites, and the phrase ‘a White American Christian’ according to Philip Jenkins, ‘may sound like a curious oxymoron.'”

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