Houston and Southeast Texas

simplefaith_color_logoDear A Simple Faith Family,

As the flooding in Houston and Southeast Texas continues, we have begun a response effort. Here is both information and opportunity for you:

We have made an immediate donation of $7,500 to the local Salvation Army. This is a large percentage of our funds, as we never keep much more than $25,000 at a time. We will be doing more in the future. Salvation Army has been our relief organization of choice for many years as they are always on the ground, are administratively nimble, and have been doing Christ-motivated work for more than 150 years (See www.salvationarmyhouston.org).

We will be partnering with Ecclesia Church in Houston to put “boots on the ground.” Ecclesia, founded and led by Chris Seay, is a large innovative, ASF-like church in the heart of downtown Houston (www.ecclesiahouston.org). Their building has been isolated by the flood, but it is dry and undamaged. This will be a long-term staging area for mucking out flooded homes, demolition, and repair. They will not be able to receive volunteers for some time, but by mid-September, we will know more. They have an extensive list of items they ask teams to bring with them (tools, tarps, etc.), and ASF will be using additional funds to outfit our volunteers with these items. Al Stewart is our point person for those interested in going to Houston. Contact Al at alstewart13@bellsouth.net or (615)-668-4668.

Last, Bobby Rains is organizing a benefit concert for Texas on Friday, September 29. It will be held at ASF and will feature Country Music performer, Ray Scott (www.rayscott.com). Details are forthcoming.

More information will be shared as it becomes available. Thank you for all you are doing and will do. Many prayers for Texas,


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