Puerto Rico Update

60Thank you to all who have given to Renew’s Puerto Rico Project so far. We began February 4, 2018 with a goal of $50,000. In a month, we have reached the $30,000 mark – 60% of our goal! The first installment of $12,000 has already been dispatched to the Gosen Family Church in Caguas for building supplies and the renovation has begun.

Getting “boots on the ground” has been delayed a bit by the leadership’s schedule (and out-of-territory travel) there in Puerto Rico, as they have been unable yet to host a team. We anticipate the first team will arrive after Easter.

I’ll not disclose the name of the individual, but a person handed my wife Cindy a check Sunday with this note: “My ‘second mom’ was raised in Caguas, PR. I’ve reached out to her children and grandchildren to support your campaign. It is with great pride that I make this donation in her memory – she probably saved my life.”

It is a small, small world and our small efforts – together – make a big difference.


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