Changes with the New Year

2019Hello friends!

Many of you have received my “Keeping the Faith” via email or by reading in your local paper. Some of that will change in 2019. I will continue to produce content for my local Gatehouse Media papers and exclusively for Digital First Media (The Detroit News, et. al.).

My columns will be available here on my site and through social media as usual. Some smaller papers will no longer be able to carry the column, and email distribution will end.

All the best to you in the New Year, and Keep the Faith.


4 thoughts on “Changes with the New Year

  1. Tom Mansfield says:

    I hope to keep following you on fb and originally for many years in the Detroit News. I appreciate you and your work. God Bless.

  2. Judy McKeown says:

    I absolutely love your articles and it has helped me through some really difficult times.

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