ReNew: May Update


Mask 2Friends, 

Just days after the Coronavirus outbreak was declared a worldwide pandemic, ReNew of Northwest Florida mobilized to secure 10,000 protective masks for use in Northwest Florida. The primary aim was to equip healthcare workers, first responders, the underserved, and those especially vulnerable. 

Mask 3Our “Masks for Medics” pilot program (thanks to Doug Balfour for that catchy name) was a great success, as generous donors, community health partners, and trustworthy suppliers completed the task at hand. As of this writing, more than 8,000 of those masks have been distributed, and an order of 10,000 additional protective masks is now in production!

Undoubtedly, this outbreak will persist. The demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like masks, gowns, gloves, respirators, and face shields will continue unabated. True to ReNew’s mission, our work will remain grounded along Florida’s Emerald Coast, but will also extend to wherever there is need for as long as resources are available.

Mask 4Billions of protective masks will be needed in the US alone for the balance of 2020. And while placing a few thousand of these masks into service may seem like an insignificant contribution, it is proving to be a tangible, life-preserving effort. You – as our partners and donors – have made this possible.

All Our Thanks,

Ronnie and Cindy McBrayer

You can always give to ReNew online at, or by mail: ReNew of Northwest Florida 16400 US Highway 331 South, Suite B, Box 275; Freeport, Florida, 32439. All donations to ReNew are for charitable purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Federal EIN: 82-2916148).