You can lend a hand at the Rusty Goat!

Hey my people! News…from the Goat.

The holidays flowed easily into Snowbird season – a real thing! – and with spring in the air, it’s time to get back to work. Here are a list of things needed over the weeks and couple months to come. Message me if you can help in any way; or email me ( or Cindy (

1) Fence row cleaning. The overgrowth has got to go. Bring those choppers and chain saws.

2) Fire! Fire! Fire! I have a burn pile itching for a pyro-expert.

3) Muscadine vine trestle construction. I cut the ancient vines back this winter (see pics), and the old support system was rotten. New wine, new wineskin kind of thing.

4) CHELCO info. Can someone find out what I need to do to get my second meter set up to power the emerging event barn? And can someone certified wire it up? It’s an electrifying situation.

5) Outhouse with traditional half-moon door. You read that right. Building an outhouse in the old-school way, but with modern creature comforts.

6) Pool deck construction. BIG project, but an absolute necessity in order to finalize commercial insurance. Of course, a check would pay for this to get done quickly (cough, cough), to it is sweat equity for me and whoever can help.

7) Ban facing/alignment. A couple of the barns need support post leveled and brought into alignment. There is no structural danger of any kind, but older posts look weeblie. Ladders, come-alongs, or a push from the John Deere will “get er dun.”

8) I’m still looking for a “tiny house” donation. This is for the caretakers cottage, and it doesn’t have to be pristine. I can get it moved and renovated if it is the right match.

9) Chicken coop construction. Have you priced eggs lately? Nuff said.

There will be more updates as spring blooms and I attempt our first planting season (🤪). Thanks for any help you can offer.