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The Siren Song

When I was in the 7th grade, my social studies teacher read Homer’s “Odyssey” to our class over the course of a semester. That sprawling chronicle was a gift to my 13-year-old self, and my more-than-four-decades self remains enthralled with all the characters of the Greek imagination. For me, the “Odyssey’s” most fearful critters were […]

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An Ode to Bill

Numbers are important in the Bible, and not just the 66 distinct books with 1,189 individual chapters containing 31,102 verses. I’m talking symbolism – “numerology” – as it is called. Numbers like “3” and “7” and “40,” among others, have been given theological meaning over time. Not the least of these significant numbers is “12.” […]

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If You Have An Addict In Your Life…

…this audio file is for you. Truth is, we are all addicts in that we are delusional about of sense of control. To quote Bill Wilson, we all have to “give up playing God.” In my ongoing series on Jesus’ story of Prodigal Son, this talk places the Prodigal and Father in a “recovery” context. […]

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