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Going Home

When my son was younger he decided he was leaving home. “I’m done with you! I’m moving out!” he shouted. I remembered something a sweet grandmother had once shared with me when one of her own children, many years ago, had made a similar threat. Following her script I answered calmly, “Well, I hate to […]

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New Audio: Free At Last

Ronnie has uploaded new audio to his website. It is a talk entitled, “Free At Last,” based on John 8 and delivered on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. You can listen or download the audio file at Ronnie’s Audio Page. Enjoy!

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Spurs of Surrender

Cenchrus echinatus. This is the scientific name for the scourge otherwise known as a common sand spur. They flourish throughout North America, but if you have never seen one (or if you have never stepped on one), cenchrus echinatus looks like a tiny fossilized porcupine with menacing quills sticking out in all directions. Stepping on […]

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