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The Gift of Giving Up

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster started drawing cartoon heroes in the darkest days of the Great Depression. Inspired by the legends of the Old Testament and the stories told to them by their Jewish immigrant parents, the boys were attempting to give the world some much needed hope. They developed one super-charged luminary in particular. […]

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Unopened Gifts

There is a Zen story about a young, impulsive warrior who made it his ambition to depose the legendary Master of the village. Making his threats and challenge public, a large crowd gathered outside the Master’s meager home to witness the contest. As the young man arrived with a cheering, jeering entourage, the old Master […]

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Consolation Is The Prize

One of the lesser read stories of Advent is about Simeon, an old prophet who encountered the days-old Jesus and his parents in the Jewish temple. “Simeon was righteous and devout,” Luke’s gospel says, “and he was eagerly waiting for the consolation of Israel.” We all face the challenge of “wait problems.” No, that’s not […]

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