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What You Take With You

After months of evading the task, my wife and I finally sat down and updated our wills. I was the evader, actually. This subject had been on my wife’s mind for months, and without her persistence I am sure that our old and woefully outdated wills would still be occupying a dusty safe-deposit box. What […]

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All The Time In The World

Imagine that tomorrow you awake to find $1,440 deposited into your bank account. That’s not enough to make you rich, but it’s a nice chunk of change. On the following morning – and the morning after that – you discover the same windfall again. After a week of such deposits you would have more than […]

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Time Is Not On Your Side

You have five hundred days left to live. That’s a year and a half; seventeen months; only seventy-one weeks; twelve thousand precious, evaporating hours. Maybe you have a little more time than that, maybe less, but certainly you don’t have as many days left as you think. Time is not on your side. Let’s do […]

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