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Christian History 101 Audio Files

For friends who have been inquiring about the Christian History sessions I led last year, I have reposted the audio and pdf resources here. I hope they are helpful!!! Session 1: Returning to Our Roots PDF of Session 1 Session 2: Patristics and Professions PDF of Session 2 Session 3: The Rise of Rome PDF […]

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Co-Opted Christmas

Each December many a believer enters the Holiday Wars with more energy than it takes to power Clark Griswold’s Christmas lights. “Keep Christ in Christmas” is the battle cry. But Jesus really isn’t the reason for the season. For Christmas, as we celebrate it today, is a rather modern invention. For the first few centuries […]

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Discovery and Destruction

When Christopher Columbus made landfall in the Bahamas, it was not so much a “discovery” as it was an accident. As it has been quipped, Columbus didn’t know where he was going, didn’t know where he was when he arrived, and when he returned home, couldn’t tell anyone where he had been. Native and indigenous […]

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