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What You Take With You

After months of evading the task, my wife and I finally sat down and updated our wills. I was the evader, actually. This subject had been on my wife’s mind for months, and without her persistence I am sure that our old and woefully outdated wills would still be occupying a dusty safe-deposit box. What […]

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Letting Bitterness Go

Traditionally, King Solomon has been regarded as the primary author of three books of the Old Testament. Some interpreters say he wrote Song of Songs while he was a lusty, young man (a book that should carry a PG-13 rating). In mid-life, he collected his Proverbs, moving on to less sensual and more substantial work. […]

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Fighting Sleep

Have you noticed how children never want to go to sleep? If you have been the parent of such a little creature you know I am telling the truth. Youngsters “fight sleep,” to the point of face-planting into their lunchtime bowl of soup or literally passing out while standing. Why? Because there is so much […]

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