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God’s Ways Are Higher Than We Understand

“I’m a Bible-believing Christian!” someone said to me. “Which part?” I asked. “All of it,” came the confident reply. This assertion wasn’t true – not remotely. And that’s a good thing, because parts of the Bible are confounding at best and criminal at worst. Want to own a few slaves? Go for it. Feel like […]

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“Nones” and “Dones”

A new religious group of Americans has emerged in recent years. It is called the “Nones,” not to be confused with habit-wearing “nuns,” of course. These “Nones” are those with no religious affiliation. When surveyed or asked about their religion, they answer, “None.” According to Gallup, this is the fastest growing “religious” group, reaching almost […]

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“Some Keep The Sabbath”

Sometimes I wish I had more of a poet’s touch, rather than pounding out these paragraphs of prose for all these years. The ability to say so much with so few words is a lacking discipline in our society (outside of a scarce group of especially creative people on Twitter), so the poets who can […]

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