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Follow the Light

Light has always been a symbol of religion. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” The Buddha was the “Enlightened One,” the one who had become a “knower,” who had seen the light. The Quran speaks of God as “Light upon Light,” and the Hebrew Scriptures declare, “The Lord lights up my darkness.” The […]

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October Surprise

October is traditionally the month of fall festivals, the first frost, radiant hardwood trees, and in this election year, the fabled “October surprise.” October also seems to be the month for a different type of surprise – at least a predicted though as of yet unrealized one: October garners the attention of more doomsday prophets […]

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The Dangers of Hiding

Some years ago our beloved mutt, Jack, became suddenly ill with what we thought was a cold. We carried him to the veterinarian where he was diagnosed with blastomycosis. Blastomycosis is a nasty, dangerous infection of the lungs, and sweet Jack’s case proved lethal. In grief I asked the vet if there was anything we could […]

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