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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Dr. Robert Emmons is a professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis, who specializes in the “science of gratitude.” Yes, the science of it, as he and his colleagues have discovered quantifiable, measurable proof that gratitude is good for you. According to he and his partners’ findings, thankfulness can lower blood pressure, boost […]

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After God’s Own Heart

Jim Fixx was the person most responsible for popularizing the fitness benefits of jogging. His bestselling “The Complete Book of Running,” published in 1977, got millions off their butts and couches and onto the streets. Thus, the nation was shocked when Fixx, age 52, died a few years later of a heart attack while on […]

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To Accept The Things I Cannot Change

It’s not that you need a prescription for insanity, but here’s a certain one nonetheless: Find something that is wrong in the world, but something you can’t do anything about. Obsess over it, never letting it go. Rail against it, though your demands can’t be heard. Grab that problem by the throat and keep shaking […]

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