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“WIWAK” is an anagram for, “When I Was A Kid.” I’ve discovered that one repeats it with even greater frequency as one grows older. Prefacing a comment with “WIWAK,” serves a two-fold purpose: It challenges the foolishness of the current age (Surely, we were never as empty-headed as today’s youth). And second, it makes old-timers […]

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An Inside Job

“Once upon a time there were a fisherman and his wife who lived in a hovel by the sea.” So begins a story by the Brothers Grimm, a story not as well known as “Cinderella” or “Hansel and Gretel,” or many of their other tales, but just as lasting in its own right. The fisherman, […]

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I hope it’s not too soon to say it, but you probably spent too much money this holiday season. It’s understandable, and I am not without compassion for you or your bank statement. Your list was no doubt long, those on it probably had expensive tastes, and you were expected to spend more than you […]

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