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Marvelous Light

It was late one night when a blind man set out for home following a friend’s dinner party. He asked his friend, “May I borrow a flashlight as I walk home?” The friend laughed out loud, and asked in return,“Why would you ever need a flashlight? The blind man, knowing he had to negotiate unlit, […]

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Label Me And Negate Me

“If you label me, you negate all the things I could possibly be.” Correctly or in error, this quote is attributed to Danish philosopher and theologian Søren Kierkegaard. Yes, the human tendency is to quickly identify and classify people; to assign them to a taxonomy chart. Determine where others “belong,” based on their opinions, the […]

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Outward Appearances

Over the years I have received my fair share of corrective emails from those who read my syndicated column. I write about faith and you know what they say about religion and politics: Those are the two subjects that will most quickly and easily ruin an otherwise delightful dinner party. But it wasn’t my theology […]

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