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The Messiah We Need

In describing the birth of Jesus the writer of the Gospel of John said, “He came unto his own but his own received him not.” As the Christ – the Anointed One who would redeem the world – Jesus was a “bridge too far” for his contemporaries. This is neither a condemnation of those who […]

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I Can’t Vote For Him And Won’t Vote For Her

I have never made a political endorsement, not in the conventional sense. This is because Christendom has committed a great many sins in its insatiable thirst for power over the centuries. In fact, the quest for power is the church’s most heinous sin. So officially aligning a congregation with any political party – left, right, […]

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For All The Saints

In the Catholic tradition there are more than 10,000 named “Saints” in their pantheon. These are individuals from the past who lived exemplary lives, and who continue to inspire the church today. Per Catholic teaching, the saints can be called upon in time of need like calling on a friend, a friend who is in […]

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