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Let It Be

When the final studio album by the Beatles was released this week in 1970, the band had already broken up. As fans know well, the years of grueling tours, their widening creative differences, and the suffering from their own successes, finally finished them off (I have no comment on Yoko). “Finally,” is a strong word, […]

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Unopened Gifts

There is a Zen story about a young, impulsive warrior who made it his ambition to depose the legendary Master of the village. Making his threats and challenge public, a large crowd gathered outside the Master’s meager home to witness the contest. As the young man arrived with a cheering, jeering entourage, the old Master […]

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In the Light

Ninety-three million miles away from our planet is nature’s most perfect nuclear reactor: The Sun, the center of our solar system. Eleven thousand degrees at the surface and double that at its core, it squashes atoms like we squash bugs. If you could capture a pinhead’s worth of that glowing hydrogen and helium, it would […]

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