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What Lies Beneath

On Christmas Day of last year, the German city of Augsburg ordered the evacuation of 50,000 of its citizens. It was the largest such evacuation in the country since World War II. This wasn’t precipitated by a chemical leak or a terrorist attack, but it was the result of a bomb – a very large, […]

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Dare to Share

For four decades Eunice Pike was a missionary to the Mazatecs, an aboriginal people in southwestern Mexico. She had not lived long among them when she noticed that no one in their villages ever sent anyone else well wishes. It was a strange cultural anomaly: The Mazatec people, though living together, shared extremely little with […]

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Everything Will Be Okay

Though attributed to several different authors, Brazilian Fernando Sabino seemed to have been the first to coin this phrase: “Everything will be okay in the end; and if it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.” These words keep me hopeful. They keep me trusting in Providence and reminding me that so many of the […]

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