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Going Out Of Our Minds

A man is walking through the grocery store with a screaming, flailing toddler in his shopping cart. The child is inconsolable, and the man is quietly repeating phrases like, “Shh…Keep calm, Charlie. Don’t get excited, Charlie. Don’t make a fuss, Charlie. It’s going to be okay, Charlie.” A lady in the produce aisle, who has […]

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Turn Off And Tune Out

The average American watches 30 hours of television or recorded programing each week. He or she spends 16 hours of the week dedicated exclusively to social media. Add these numbers to the hours spent listening to radio, downloaded music, YouTube, and other forms of communication, and Americans spend a whopping 85 hours a week consuming […]

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Choose Your Parade

The last military parades in the United States came at the end of the Gulf War and the conclusion of “Operation Desert Storm.” This parade followed in the tradition of the great victory parades from the World Wars, and the inaugurations of Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy. Both men had served with distinction in the military, […]

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