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Reclaiming Celtic Christianity

Some twenty miles south of Belfast, Northern Ireland, is the Ulster village of Downpatrick. It has 10,000 residents, two dozen pubs (a number of which I have had the pleasure of chugging a few pints), and one massive, glorious church: Down Cathedral. Built on a holy hill once used by the druids, transformed into a […]

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Holy Curiosity

Author Walter Isaacson has been a chronicler of some of the world’s greatest minds. He has written extensively about Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and most recently about Leonardo da Vinci. Per Isaacson, the true masterminds of this world have one characteristic that sets them apart: Relentless, unquenchable, curiosity. Yes, curiosity may have “killed the cat,” […]

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A man kept his two large, beloved dogs in the backyard where they had plenty of room to run, play, and lounge about. One morning a squatty little bulldog came down the street, saw the expansive green grass on the other side of the enclosure, and with great effort shoved himself beneath the fence and […]

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