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Follow the Light

Light has always been a symbol of religion. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” The Buddha was the “Enlightened One,” the one who had become a “knower,” who had seen the light. The Quran speaks of God as “Light upon Light,” and the Hebrew Scriptures declare, “The Lord lights up my darkness.” The […]

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Christian History 101 Audio Files

For friends who have been inquiring about the Christian History sessions I led last year, I have reposted the audio and pdf resources here. I hope they are helpful!!! Session 1: Returning to Our Roots PDF of Session 1 Session 2: Patristics and Professions PDF of Session 2 Session 3: The Rise of Rome PDF […]

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God’s Ways Are Higher Than We Understand

“I’m a Bible-believing Christian!” someone said to me. “Which part?” I asked. “All of it,” came the confident reply. This assertion wasn’t true – not remotely. And that’s a good thing, because parts of the Bible are confounding at best and criminal at worst. Want to own a few slaves? Go for it. Feel like […]

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