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The Procession Must Go On

Hans Christian Andersen first told the now familiar story of an Emperor who spent all of his kingdom’s disposable wealth on being well dressed. He had a change of clothes for every hour of the day, and he spent more time in his dressing room than managing the affairs of his empire. Egotistical as he […]

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New Audio: A Time to Weep

Ronnie has uploaded new audio to his webpage. This is a talk given on September 14, 2014, from Luke 13. It is entitled, “A Time to Weep;” a remembrance and challenge related to the September 11 terrorists attacks. Listen online here.

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What Is Wrong With The World?

Have you ever tried to explain to a law enforcement officer that your radar detector has been stolen? I had that distinct pleasure a few years ago when my wife and I discovered our automobiles had been burglarized. The burglary itself could have been much worse. On the night of the break-in, our home and both […]

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