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Turn Off And Tune Out

The average American watches 30 hours of television or recorded programing each week. He or she spends 16 hours of the week dedicated exclusively to social media. Add these numbers to the hours spent listening to radio, downloaded music, YouTube, and other forms of communication, and Americans spend a whopping 85 hours a week consuming […]

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The Last Straw

“The straw that broke the camel’s back” is an old, familiar proverb with which we all have had some experience. Like taking that last bite of dessert at the end of an otherwise satisfying dinner; it pushes us from being fulfilled to being miserably bloated. Or it’s that last drink – just one more – […]

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Let the Water Settle

A desperate executive sought the counsel of an old guru who lived in a mountain cave. The executive was living a harried and hurried life. He was frustrated, his prayers were powerless, and his soul was tired. The holy man listened to his guest for a while, then retreated deep into his cave, returning shortly […]

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