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Unwanted Gifts

There is a Zen story about a young, impetuous warrior who sought to defeat a great Master in battle. The young man was certain he could dispatch the old sensei with great fanfare and boost his reputation. The Master’s students begged the old man not to accept the challenge, but he resolutely agreed to the […]

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“Stay in School” – New Audio from Ronnie

Ronnie has uploaded his latest talk entitled, “Stay in School.” It is available below and at Ronnie’s Audio Page. Enjoy!

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New Audio: “Monday, Monday”

Ronnie has uploaded new audio to his website. It is a talk given on February 22, 2015 entitled, “Monday, Monday.” This is the first of seven in a Lenten Series of talks on the last week of Jesus. Ronnie will be following the Gospel of Mark’s account of Holy Week, with “Monday, Monday” being Jesus’ […]

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