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Ask The Questions First

As I stood around an impossibly small television set, watching the events of September 11, 2001, unfold, one of my colleagues burst into the room. His face reddened, trembling with rage, he shouted, “We are going to kill every one of those bastards!” At the time, I agreed, and wanted a righteous reckoning for this […]

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“If You Can Help Others, Do So”

When Welles Crowther was a boy, his father stuck a folded, white handkerchief in Welles’ top coat pocket and said, “This one is for show.” Welles’ dad then gave him a red bandana for his hip pocket and instructed, “This one is for blow!” Welles kept a red bandana with him for the rest of […]

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Don’t Forget To Remember

By observable and anthropological data, a human generation is roughly three decades. It’s by the age of thirty that people reach maturity (most, not all), establish growing families of their own, and begin the transitional phase of succeeding older generations in the workplace and community. As time passes and one generation melds into another, the […]

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