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The Times Demand It

As Hurricane Irma struck St. Thomas this year, the staff of a small nursing home worked furiously to prepare the dozen tenants in residence. In spite the staff’s heroic efforts, however, the building soon shuddered beneath the storm’s fury. Water began rising inside, the building’s doors were sucked away, and the rooftop eventually went airborne […]

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The Gift of Giving Up

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster started drawing cartoon heroes in the darkest days of the Great Depression. Inspired by the legends of the Old Testament and the stories told to them by their Jewish immigrant parents, the boys were attempting to give the world some much needed hope. They developed one super-charged luminary in particular. […]

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Cheerful Giving

A friend of mine rarely gets within the shadow of a church steeple. Regularly he explains to me his aversion. His family attended mass each Sunday, the whole family shoved into a single pew, and the priest would personally take the weekly offering. The father had a collection basket on a long pole which he […]

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