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Slow Down

The steepest railroad track in the United States is the Saluda Grade in the mountains of North Carolina. It is a boiler-busting, brake-burning section of track that Norfolk Southern finally closed a few years ago, because the time involved in circumnavigating that portion of railway finally proved to be too much for our fast-paced world.  […]

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Like a Good Neighbor

A man was going from Indianapolis, Indiana, to Louisville, Kentucky, when along the way he had a flat tire. Stranded on the side of the road, he was robbed, his car was stripped, he was shot, and left for dead. A Baptist pastor, on his way home from the annual meeting of his denomination, saw the […]

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The Pigs Are Flying

The Muscogee Nation of Florida is a tiny aboriginal people group of the Americas who seeks to hold to their heritage while surviving the culture around them. The Muscogee are led by an indomitable woman named Ann Denson Tucker. Ann directs the Tribal Council, serves as the public face and living historian of her people, and […]

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