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Experience God, Don’t Explain God

You are a human, a highly evolved sentient species composed mostly of water, oxygen, carbon, and a few dozen other lesser chemicals. All in all, you consist of about 10 octillion atoms – give or take a few million – that miraculously hold together. I, “homo sapiens” that I am, have a nearly identical make-up […]

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Cultivating Indifference

“You have two ears and one mouth, so listen twice as much as you speak.” My father recited this proverb to me more than a few times as I was growing up (Along with the snarky, “Children should be never heard and rarely seen.”). I can’t say that I fully heeded his lesson: I make […]

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In the churches I grew up in we sometimes had these special meetings called “Testimony Services.” There wouldn’t be the usual songs and sermon. Instead, the congregation was given an opportunity to “preach.” People would stand up, usually with great awkwardness, and testify. That is, they would tell others about God’s goodness in their lives. […]

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