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Marvelous Light

It was late one night when a blind man set out for home following a friend’s dinner party. He asked his friend, “May I borrow a flashlight as I walk home?” The friend laughed out loud, and asked in return,“Why would you ever need a flashlight? The blind man, knowing he had to negotiate unlit, […]

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You Are Welcome

This first week of June the Eastern Orthodox Church will celebrate the annual Feast Day of St. Philip the Deacon, also known as Philip the Evangelist. He was an influential and powerful leader in the early church, and is most often remembered for his role in the conversion of an individual known simply as “The […]

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Follow The Light

Twelve Step programs use a terrific phrase that I have adapted for my own spiritual journey. It is found in Step Three: “I make the decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of the God of my understanding.” If Meister Eckhart is correct (and I think he is), that the […]

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