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Your Life Is A Miracle

“Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens,” the Jewish prophet instructed. Whenever I do that, it makes me feel small. I think that was the prophet’s purpose. While we might be the dominant species on this third rock from the sun, we are overshadowed by our surroundings. More than a thousand earth-sized planets […]

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A minister pulled from his mailbox an envelope with no return address containing an incendiary piece of “hate mail.” It was from a parishioner who catalogued all the pastor’s mistakes; demeaned his family; compared him to other great pastors that had gone before him, and took issue with most every sermon he had ever preached. […]

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What You Seek Is Where You Are

A curious, young man made it his ambition to seek wisdom at all cost. This led him to a monk who lived alone in a cave at the far side of the world, an old man rumored to be the wisest teacher to ever live. So across snowy mountains, suffocating deserts, and dense jungle the […]

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