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Heaven and Hell

A parable is told about a man who asked God to show him the difference between heaven and hell. So God led the man to two doors. The first was opened to reveal a room with a large round table. A pot of delicious soup sat in the center of the table, but the people […]

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Feel the Burn

A few years ago Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada was named that country’s “manliest city,” and deservedly so. Men outnumbered women there 3 to 1, as the town held nearly 90,000 oil workers, miners, and adventurers. Yet, all the manly gallantry of the great north was no match for this year’s epic wildfire there. Well documented, […]

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The Last Straw

“The straw that broke the camel’s back” is an old, familiar proverb with which we all have had some experience. Like taking that last bite of dessert at the end of an otherwise satisfying dinner; it pushes us from being fulfilled to being miserably bloated. Or it’s that last drink – just one more – […]

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