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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Dr. Robert Emmons is a professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis, who specializes in the “science of gratitude.” Yes, the science of it, as he and his colleagues have discovered quantifiable, measurable proof that gratitude is good for you. According to he and his partners’ findings, thankfulness can lower blood pressure, boost […]

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Thank You

It was this week more than seventy-five years ago, that one of the most harrowing personal dramas of the Second World War played itself out on a watery stage in the Central Pacific Ocean. Carrying a classified communication to General Douglas MacArthur, Eddie Rickenbacker and his crew ditched their plane into the water after straying […]

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“Thank You” Is Enough

Near Rochester, New York, a prominent, cliff-like ridge erupts from the landscape and runs west for hundreds of miles: Through New York, across parts of Ontario, into the upper peninsula of Michigan, hugging the coastline of three of the Great Lakes, and finally terminating in Wisconsin, just north of Chicago, Illinois. It is called the […]

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