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An Education

I am white. My adopted son is black. When I first carried him into the church I was pastoring at the time, a lady looked at him in my arms, gave a twisted smile, and said, “Well hon, just lather him up with sunblock. It’ll keep him from turning into a darky.” Off to Sunday […]

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God’s Land Is Your Land

The “Dust Bowl Troubadour” was born more than a century ago this week: Woodrow Wilson Guthrie, better known simply as Woody Guthrie. His songs are legion, his prickly reputation incomparable, and his influence as far reaching as any American musician who has ever lived. My favorite Woody Guthrie song, aside from the hilarious “There’ll Be […]

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One Size Does Not Fit All

In ancient Greece, religious pilgrims made a twelve-mile journey from the city of Athens to worship at the holy shrines in Eleusis. The road – a white, stony path through the verdant plain to the sea – was called “the sacred way.” But not all those found along this road could be considered holy. One […]

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