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What You Seek Is Where You Are

A curious, young man made it his ambition to seek wisdom at all cost. This led him to a monk who lived alone in a cave at the far side of the world, an old man rumored to be the wisest teacher to ever live. So across snowy mountains, suffocating deserts, and dense jungle the […]

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Wisdom By Experience

In a story that rivals that of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, the Old Testament tells the tale of how King Solomon was granted a supernatural wish. In a dream God offered the young king anything he desired. He asked for wisdom. He asked for common sense, for “an understanding mind and discernment.” God granted […]

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A Mighty Big “IF”

If all goes according to plan – and that’s a mighty big “IF” – this weekend I will be in attendance at two high school graduations. These are decidedly important ceremonies for me and my family. They are for my two oldest sons: Blayze and Bryce McBrayer. It’s a mighty big “IF” because as I […]

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