ReNew of NWFL

In 2017, Ronnie and Cindy McBrayer founded ReNew of Northwest Florida as a not-for-profit organization, intended to help others impacted by natural and human-initiated disasters. Since that time, ReNew has assisted hundreds of families recover throughout Florida, the Caribbean, and Central America; it has mobilized tens of thousands of dollars in relief efforts; and is now – with multiple partners – active in providing personal protection equipment for communities and health providers facing Covid-19 outbreaks.

mapsWhile this type of work will continue, most recently Ronnie and Cindy have come to view the original mission as too narrow, incapable of getting at the root cause of so much suffering. They have begun to adapt ReNew’s future mission and purpose to meet what they consider to be the most pressing need of our day: Cultivating a more compassionate world.

Ronnie and Cindy believe that the late Thomas Merton properly diagnosed this condition. “Without the deepening capacity to love,” he said, “we have nothing to give others but our own ego-centered ambitions.” Thus, ReNew will strive to create opportunities and nurture environments where people and communities can deepen their inner capacity to love and serve, resulting in a more caring, peaceful, and hopeful world. Visit ReNew’s website to learn more or get involved.