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Remembering Why We Celebrate

Floyd Collins, a legendary spelunker from Kentucky, crawled into a dark, wet, cavern known as Sand Cave on a cold January morning in 1925. As the entrepreneur who had put the Mammoth Cave system on the tourist map, he was after his next commercial conquest. Equipped with nothing more than a kerosene lamp and a […]

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United: New Audio from Ronnie McBrayer

Ronnie has uploaded new audio to his webpage. It is a talk entitled, “United” delivered on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016. You can listen or download the audio at Ronnie’s Audio Page. Enjoy!

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Truth That Makes A Difference

A raindrop falls at seven miles per hour. Polar bears are left-handed. Pac-Man has 240 dots on each mazed screen. The electric chair was invented by a dentist (which explains a few things for me). A quarter, minted by the US Treasury is edged by 119 individual ridges. A house fly hums, more or less, […]

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