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The Power of Resurrection

In 2016, I met Wajeeh Nuseibeh. He is the “Door Keeper of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.” Every morning, as he has done for decades, he takes a great, iron key and unlocks the Church that holds the tomb of Jesus, a building shared by multiple Christian denominations. Before Wajeeh had this job, his […]

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Choose Your Parade

The last military parades in the United States came at the end of the Gulf War and the conclusion of “Operation Desert Storm.” This parade followed in the tradition of the great victory parades from the World Wars, and the inaugurations of Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy. Both men had served with distinction in the military, […]

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Remembering Why We Celebrate

Floyd Collins, a legendary spelunker from Kentucky, crawled into a dark, wet, cavern known as Sand Cave on a cold January morning in 1925. As the entrepreneur who had put the Mammoth Cave system on the tourist map, he was after his next commercial conquest. Equipped with nothing more than a kerosene lamp and a […]

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