ReNew of Northwest Florida (EIN: 82-2916148) was founded by Ronnie and Cindy McBrayer in September 2017, in the face of an historic hurricane season, to meet some of the overwhelming needs of those impacted. In addition to meeting physical needs like those resulting from disasters, ReNew also focuses on spiritual well-being, helping others heal from toxic forms of religion; and cultivating Christ-minded faith that is expressed through love. Renew will be establishing a retreat center in the future for these purposes.

Ronnie says, “I am particularly concerned for those who are recovering from unhealthy religion. This can mean those who are ‘deconstructing;’ those who have hit the theological ‘wall’ (so expertly mapped by Janet Hagberg); those who feel exiled from mainline or evangelical congregations; and those looking for an authentic, honest means of re-shaping their faith. I hope ReNew can capture the ethos of Jesus when he invited others to ‘learn the unforced rhythms of grace’ and to recover lives of love and rest.” 

ReNew of Northwest Florida

16400 US Highway 331 South

Suite B, Box 275

Freeport, Florida 32439

You can support this creative and emerging work by following this link. (Through this link you can designate your gift to relief efforts in Ukraine)