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“Thank You” Is Enough

Near Rochester, New York, a prominent, cliff-like ridge erupts from the landscape and runs west for hundreds of miles: Through New York, across parts of Ontario, into the upper peninsula of Michigan, hugging the coastline of three of the Great Lakes, and finally terminating in Wisconsin, just north of Chicago, Illinois. It is called the […]

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Follow The Light

Twelve Step programs use a terrific phrase that I have adapted for my own spiritual journey. It is found in Step Three: “I make the decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of the God of my understanding.” If Meister Eckhart is correct (and I think he is), that the […]

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Thoughts This Trinity Sunday

Today (May 27, 2018) is Trinity Sunday on the Church’s ecumenical calendar. God, we believe, has been revealed as a community – in relationship – not as an isolated individual. Bishop Kallistos Ware of the Eastern Orthodox Church says this: “Belief in a God who is three-in-one, has direct and practical consequences for our Christian […]

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