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Experience God, Don’t Explain God

You are a human, a highly evolved sentient species composed mostly of water, oxygen, carbon, and a few dozen other lesser chemicals. All in all, you consist of about 10 octillion atoms – give or take a few million – that miraculously hold together. I, “homo sapiens” that I am, have a nearly identical make-up […]

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You Are What You Project

A much-employed, psychological coping mechanism we all use from time to time is called, “projection.” We project onto others what is going on within ourselves. For example, if I have deep, simmering anger I might subconsciously project that emotion on to those around me – rather than face it for myself – and thus perceive […]

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Good All The Time

I heard humorist Jack Handey say that you should never criticize someone until you walk a mile in his or her shoes. Then, when you do criticize them, “You are a mile away and have their shoes.” That’s not bad advice, especially when it comes to telling others how to parent their children. If you […]

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