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Happy Father’s Day, 2018

This is a reprint from a few years ago. Yes, that’s my dear, old dad in the photo: On his wedding day in 1968. Happy Father’s Day Pops! Have you heard the phrase: “Paying for your raising”? Do something stupid as a child or teenager so that your mother or father becomes infuriated. They punish […]

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Turn Back To Love

Five hundred years ago there was a group of Christians living in Europe known as Anabaptists. These are not to be confused with today’s Baptists, though the groups do share some points of common history. The name Anabaptist was not so much a description as it was a condemnation. The Anabaptists were “anti-baptizers,” scorning infant […]

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The Demand of Love

For my money, the greatest devotional book ever written is “The Magnificent Defeat,” by Frederick Buechner. It is a collection of meditations based on talks he delivered to college students long before I was born. His words, decades later, are as relevant and as profound as ever. In one of the meditations Buechner relates a […]

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