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The Demand of Love

For my money, the greatest devotional book ever written is “The Magnificent Defeat,” by Frederick Buechner. It is a collection of meditations based on talks he delivered to college students long before I was born. His words, decades later, are as relevant and as profound as ever. In one of the meditations Buechner relates a […]

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New Audio: “Lost and Found”

Ronnie has uploaded new audio to his webpage. It is a talk given on Sunday, April 10, 2016 entitled, “Lost and Found,” and is the first in a series of four (or more) talks from Luke 15. Download the file or listen at Ronnie’s Audio Page.

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The Salvation of the World

In the Gospel of John, a respected religious leader came to Jesus by night. Why the clandestine meeting? Because the religious leader, a man named Nicodemus, could hardly risk his reputation among his peers by being seen with the rabble-rousing rabbi from Galilee. It would have ruined him, so he came secretly. Under the cover […]

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