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New Audio: “We Will Stand”

Ronnie has uploaded new audio to his website. It is a talk delivered on July 2, 2017, entitled, “We Will Stand.” It is based on Philippians 3. Listen at Ronnie’s Audio Page.

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I Can’t Vote For Him And Won’t Vote For Her

I have never made a political endorsement, not in the conventional sense. This is because Christendom has committed a great many sins in its insatiable thirst for power over the centuries. In fact, the quest for power is the church’s most heinous sin. So officially aligning a congregation with any political party – left, right, […]

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A Month To Go: My Presidential Endorsement

One month from today the people of the United States will vote in the 2016 Presidential Election. I have nothing new to add to the bluster and haze that has been the most disheartening political process of my lifetime. I will only reiterate something I published more than five years ago, I wrote a little […]

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